Pre-purchase Inspections when Buying Used Luxury Cars

Written by Garth Ian

Are you looking to own a used car? If so, you may be tempted to check on used Mercedes-Benz and other luxury vehicles that are usually at a fraction of their original price. You may think it is such a great deal to be able to own this car without having to break your banks. However, are those cars really worth the purchase? Given the nature of luxury cars and their features, standard checks are recommended to ensure you will have peace of mind.

Here are the things that must be checked before buying the car:

Tires and Wheels

Luxury vehicles may roll on huge wheels that have thin, low-profile rubber. But, did you know that the less rubber that surrounds a wheel means less wheel protection against impacts? Ensure the tires and wheels are checked closely for signs of damage. Cracks, bubbles, splitting must be checked on the tires. Their presence on the tires means the latter is damaged. Also, check the lips of the wheel for signs of cracks, bending or abrasion.



Used luxury vehicles may be fitted with powerful xenon lights. Make sure the headlamps are working perfectly on the low- and high-beams. It can be expensive to replace these lights once burned out so ensure you are not inheriting the bills.


Luxury cars are equipped with leather seats. Check the driver’s seat outward edge for cracks, peeling or fade. If these problems are visible, include this in the price negotiation. But you don’t just stop your inspection here, check if the interior has pet hair or garbage. Leather in luxury cars must be maintained for a longer lifespan. Aside from making enjoyable car rides, properly cared-for seats will maintain a good resale value for the car when you want to sell it one day.

Gadgets and Systems

Luxury cars are made with navigation, Bluetooth, push-button start, climate-controlled seats and audio systems and you want to ensure they are all working properly. Take time to check all these systems to confirm their performance. This can help you avoid the frustration later.

Air Suspension

A lot of luxury vehicles use an air suspension system to improve the quality of the ride and adjust the ride height. This system can make a smooth ride and impress passengers. However, this feature can turn into a hefty repair bill if the system parts wear out or fail. That is why it might be best not to buy a luxury car that has this feature.

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